Racketeer. Bootlegger. Florist.


The North Side Gang

Taking inspiration from our namesake, Dean O'Banion, we aspire to be the most badass florist in Scotland. 

Dean was the leader of the infamous North Side Gang operating in Chicago in the 1920s. He was a key rival of Al Capone, a successful bootlegger running illegal alcohol into the US throughout prohibition and he was also a talented florist. So passionate was O'Banion about his flowers, that he personally oversaw every arrangement going out the door despite his 'busy' schedule...

Based in Glasgow, we aspire to be just as particular about our work as Dean was. We also hope to meet a better end than O'banion, who was shot when Capone ordered a hit on him on the 10th of November 1924. He was cutting chrysanthemums. 


The Cone…


On Saturday the 2nd of September the north side gang struck. the most notable victim, Perhaps, was the duke of wellington.

To celebrate our launch, the North Side Gang flower bombed Glasgow, leaving some pretty spectacular arrangements around the city. It certainly didn’t go unnoticed - pretty quickly social media was awash with pictures and there was one question on everybody’s lips, ‘who pimped The Duke’s cone?!’

The media were quick to answer!

Glasgow Live:




The Scottish Sun:



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